What is Shiho-Shoshi Lawyer?

This is the question our non-Japanese clients ask us first and probably you have the same question in mind.
There are some licensed legal professions in Japan and each has its own distinct expertise and practice areas.
Shiho-Shoshi Lawyer has been the specialist of corporate registration and real estate registration in Japan. That makes us the specialist of commercial legal matters and real estate transaction.
However, our service is not only registration. Since we were licensed to be the Summary Court Counsel in 2003, we can provide wider range of service based on practical legal knowledge.
(More details about Shiho-Shoshi Lawyer: Japan Federation of Shiho-Shoshi Lawyer’s Associations)

Please Note:
*We, Shiho-Shoshi Lawyers, are required to see the client-to-be in person to check the ID and confirm his/her willingness before we get started on our tasks according to Shiho-Shoshi Lawyer’s Act. (Excepting Translation Service)

*If your request is beyond the Shiho-Shoshi’s power, we may ask another legal profession to take over your case.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Our Profiles

Masako Karitani

Masako Karitani is the founding Shiho-Shoshi in KARITANI SHIHO-SHOSHI LAWYER OFFICE who focuses her practice on cross-cultural legal matters. She has been involved in a number of international cases including company establishment, merger and acquisition, real estate transaction as well as legal translation. Masako advises a number of overseas clients as well as Japan based clients with her legal knowledge and her bilingual language skills to guide them through the challenges of doing business in Japan.